Beauty Island receiving an outstanding achievement award in 2011





Beauty Island Skin Care, Inc. owner Windy 2011 receiving an outstanding achievement award from former US Ambassador to the United Nations Sichan Siv.


Sichan Siv is the international bestselling author of Golden Bones, an American dream story, published by HarperCollins. He was nominated by President George W. Bush in 2001 and unanimously confirmed by the Senate as a United States ambassador to the United Nations, serving until 2006. In June 2005, Ambassador Siv addressed the 60th anniversary of the U.N. in San Francisco, following a tradition set by former Presidents, starting with Truman in 1945. From 1989 to 1993, Ambassador Siv served as deputy assistant to President George Bush and as deputy assistant secretary of State. In the private sector, he has held positions in social services, educational exchange, financial management, and investment banking. Currently, he provides global strategic advice and gives motivational speeches around the USA and the world. Ambassador Siv holds a master of international affairs from Columbia University. He escaped Cambodia’s killing fi elds in 1976 and was resettled as a refugee in Wallingford, Connecticut. He and his wife, the former Martha Pattillo of Pampa, Texas, spend their time in San Antonio, New York, and beyond. He is a volunteer in several organizations, including the United States Air Force Auxiliary Civil Air Patrol with the rank of lieutenant colonel, and the San Antonio Aviation Police.